Letter | Vendors take money from Main Beach businesses


The vendors camped out along the Main Beach sidewalk are taking money from local business. The hot dog stand at the end of the Wharf is struggling to stay afloat. The Falafel Hut likewise. Taxpaying, local job producing and legal businesses. Garbage on the streets and sidewalks. All because of an onslaught of street and beach vendors. All the garbage goes directly into the ocean. Don’t believe me? Take a walk along the Main Beach between the river mouth and Cowell Beach. What you will see is more garbage than that of all the other beaches in Santa Cruz combined. The Boardwalk is responsible for a large percentage, but there is way more disposable plastic on that beach than ever before. The vendors must go and the Boardwalk should be held accountable. Paper straws and reusable bags? Yet, we throw tons of plastic straight into the ocean right on Main Beach.

— Todd Hager, Santa Cruz

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