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Viburnum Falls at Pine Point Trail; Credit: Robert Linsdell

There are a number of trails you can enjoy at the Whiteshel Provincial Park. Some of them cross steep rock outcrops, while some may be wet or muddy. Go prepared with proper walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, and drinking water. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars!

Be sure to check trail conditions before starting.

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McGillivray Falls Self-guiding Trail


The McGillivray Falls trail follows a small drainage basin that is typical of the Precambrian Shield. Hikers can choose between a shorter 2.8 km loop or a longer 4.6 km trail. The trail can be challenging in certain portions with steep inclines and slippery rock surfaces. Do try to remain on the trail as much as possible as it is not easy to keep track of the rocky outcrops.

As the granite rocks (of the Precambrian Shield) are resistant to water erosion, the water drainage paths are highly irregular. Along the way, you can notice more details about the geological history of the Whiteshell and understand how this drainage system influenced the vegetation in the region with its dry regions of Jack pine trees and regions of wet bog plants and black spruce.

From the Viewpoint, you can see views of McGillivray Lake and the bog through which the stream flows. The McGillivray Lake has a brownish tinge due to the presence of nutrients, algae, and naturally occurring humic acid.

The trails are accessible from PTH 44 near Caddy Lake. Trail Map (PDF)

Distance: 2.8 km (2 hour)/ 4.6 km (3 hour)

Hanson’s Creek Trail

Hanson’s Creek Trail is a short 7.1 km trail that is part of the longer Centennial Trail connecting Rennie and Caddy Lake. At the end of the trail, you can find a quaint red bridge (relocated from King’s Park in Winnipeg) over the creek. Directions

Distance: 7.1 km (2 hours)

Whiteshell River Self-guiding Trail

The premise of the Whiteshell River Self-guiding trail is the role Whiteshell and each of us plays in keeping our planet healthy. The interpretive signs located along the trail describe various aspects of this diverse theme – biodiversity, natural ecosystem, the balance between nature and industry, wildlife and human, and other aspects.

The trailhead is located just off PR 312. Trail Map (PDF)

Distance: 2.8 km (2 hours)


Amisk Trail

This is a two-hour trail that begins at the north end of Brereton Lake just off highway 307. The trail passes through a boreal forest and over rock ridges to the Rennie River. If you are walking in the morning, you might get to see beavers at work. The trail can also be accessed from Inverness Falls via a side trail. Trail Map (PDF)

There are several places on the trail where you can stop and have a picnic or fish (fishing permits!). Munch on blueberries and raspberries found along the trail. Bring along your binoculars and try to spot the birds. Can you hear ‘chickadee-dee-dee’? Although the actual trail is only 2 hours long, you can easily spend half a day on this trail.

Distance: 4.3 km (2 hours)

Bear Lake Trail

The Bear Lake Trail is a moderately difficult trail accessible from PTH 44, 13 km east of Rennie. The trail traverses rock ridges through jack pine stands. Wearing rubber boots is recommended as the trail is often wet. Allow two hours for the hike. Trail Map

Distance: 6 km (2 hours)

Hunt Lake Trail

This is a 12.6 km difficult trail with steep difficult climbs and spectacular views at the Whiteshell Provincial Park. The terrain is typical of the Canadian Shield and the trail moves along the east shore of West Hawk Lake to Little Indian Bay. The trail moves through forested areas of cedar and white pine, along beaver dams and places with steep climbs and descents. There is a shelter with a wood stove at Little Indian Bay, however, no overnight camping is allowed here.

There are many scenic views (pack a picnic bag) and great swimming spots (pack your swimsuits!) and photo ops (don’t forget your cameras) along the way.

For a longer trek, start the hike from the Border Reception Centre. Trail Map (PDF)

Distance: 12.6 km (3 – 6 hours)

Lost Lake Trail

This is a hiking trail located near Caddy Lake. The trail moves along the shores of the West Hawk Lake, with a shorter version of the trail going past Lost Lake. Start your hike along Highway 312 (before the Mantario South Trail) down the cabin access road at the Big Island Landing area.

The longer trail has several offshoot trails that lead to the lakeshore and is a fairly easy hike to undertake. This is a great trail to snowshoe in winter and ends at a snowmobile route. Directions

Distance: 4.2 km / 8.5 km return

Sturgeon Falls Trail / Whiteshell River Bridge Trail

This popular hike starts at the Nutimik Campground at the Whiteshell. Hike across the Whiteshelll River Suspension Bridge which gives stunning views of the Whiteshell river and Nitimik lake before reaching Sturgeon Falls.

This is also a biking trail, so look out for cyclists! The trail is relatively flat in most regions which makes it a great hike for beginners and families. Directions

Distance: 4.2 km

Big Whiteshell Trail

See spectacular views and encounter wildlife at this 1.5 km loop trail. The trail is suitable for families with small kids and will take around 1 hour to complete and is located near the Big Whiteshell Campground. Trail Map

Distance: 1.5 km (1 hour)

Bannock Point Petroforms Trail

The Bannock Point Petroforms is one of the highlights of the Whtieshell provincial park. Bannock Point Petroforms are stones laid out on the bedrock in the shapes of snakes, turtles, humans, a Thunderbird, or other abstract patterns. Park Interpreters offer guided tours of the Bannock Point Petroforms throughout the summer. Details (PDF)

Use the trail map to trek to the site.

Distance: 1.8 km

Cabin Lake Trail


The trail is accessible from Block 3, Red Rock subdivision road, west of PR 307. This is a good trail to try especially if you are interested in seeing how beavers have bought about changes in the drainage system by building dams. The trail may be wet near the trailhead due to beaver dams. Read the interpretive signs placed along the trail to know more about beaver ecology.

The trail ends at the red bridge at Cabin Lake. If you don’t want to end the hike here, you can cross over the bridge down the Centennial Trail to Inverness Falls. Trail Map

Distance: 5.8 km (return, 2 – 3 hours)

Jessica Lake Trails

Jessica Lake Lodge (off PR 307) is the staging area for five hiking trails that meander through Precambrian Shield country. The trails can be used for hiking, skiing, or snowshoeing. Trail Map

  • Loop A – This 1.3 km trail will need 45 minutes
  • Loop B – Allow 45 minutes for this 1.5 km return trail. The trail is groomed for walking in the winter
  • Loop C – This 3.5 km return trail will take 1.5 hours to complete
  • Loop D – This is a 5 km trail that will take 2 hours
  • Rainbow Falls Hiking Trail – Starting from the Jessica Lake Lodge, the Rainbow Falls trail travels through a forested region to the White Lake Campground before reaching the scenic Rainbow falls. There are picnic tables and toilet facilities at Rainbow Falls and White Lake Campgrounds. The Rainbow falls can also be reached from the White Lake Resortaccess road. Trail Map

Rainbow Falls is located at the end of the White Lake subdivision road and has a wheelchair-accessible dock.

Distance: This 8 km intermediate hike will take around 3 hours.

Dragon Fire Self-guiding Trail

Dragon Fire trail is a short trail that gives fantastic views of West Hawk Lake. Did you know that West Hawk Lake was formed by a meteorite and is the deepest lake in Manitoba at 110 meters? The trail can be a bit challenging with rocky, steep points. So be sure to wear proper footwear. Go down the rocky slope to enjoy the beach. Trail Map

Distance: 1.1 km

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Inverness High Rock Ridge Trail

The hike starts at Inverness Falls Resort and has many loops th
at meander through the forest. There is…


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