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Two hikers off trail near Bear Creek survive grizzly bear attack


Grizzly bear

Photo credit to Yellowstone National Park

ENNIS, Mont. – Two people suffered minor injuries on Tuesday by a grizzly bear southeast of Ennis.

Two men were hiking off trail in the the Bear Creek area when they came across a momma bear, or a sow, and cubs not too far away.

Both the hikers were injured, however they were able to get away on their own after using bear spray. 

Sows with cubs can be very defensive of their territory and their young, and it is likely this attack was defensive in nature.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks says if you work or recreate outdoors has a few tips if you encounter a bear. Quiet or fast moving activities, such as hunting, biking or trail running can put people at a higher risk for surprising a bear. If you’re outdoors keep these tips in mid: 

  • Be aware of your surroundings, look for signs of a bear
  • Read signs at trailheads and stay on trails. Be especially careful around creeks and in areas with dense brush.
  • Carry bear spray. Know how to use it and be prepared to deploy it immediately.
  • Travel in groups whenever possible and make casual noise, which can help alert bears to your presence.
  •  Stay away from animal carcasses, which often attract bears. 
  • Follow food storage orders from the applicable land management agency. 
  • If you encounter a bear, never approach it. Leave the area when it is safe to do so.

The trail near the incident has been temporarily closed and signed. Other trails in the area were also signed. 


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