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The Best Hiking and Camp Sandals, According to Outdoor Enthusiasts


While hiking boots are the footwear most commonly associated with camping—and will forever be a staple for outdoor enthusiasts—there’s another shoe worth bringing along in your backpack: the hiking sandal.

There are a few different versions of these sandals that work well in the outdoors, ranging from pairs you can wear on the trails to those that are best worn with socks for campfire relaxation—the general idea being, there’s nothing better than letting your feet feel free while out in nature.

“I have seen so many hikers and travelers transitioning from boots to trail hikers to trail sandals,” REI Co-op retail sales specialist and outdoor enthusiast Travis Quaas says, a trend he’s noticed on treks along the Colorado Trail and Spain’s Camino de Santiago. “The minimalist movement has definitely altered people’s definition of what they want or need for different adventures.”

Ahead, shop some of the best hiking sandals (and camp sandals) to bring along on your next foray into the great outdoors, as recommended by 10 outdoor adventurers.

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