Voter Guide: Clayton Council at Large


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Brendan Bachman

Brendan Bachman

Education: University of Toledo, B.B.A. in marketing and professional sales

Current Employment: Dayton Windustrial, commercial plumbing supply sales and account management

Community Involvement: Englewood Little League (umpire), Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity at University of Dayton (chapter advisory committee)

Why are you seeking elected office? Clayton is one of the safest communities in Montgomery County, and is poised for growth in both residential and commercial. The groundwork has been laid over the past decade from a high quality staff and elected officials, setting clear standards and goals. I’ve been fortunate to serve the community in my first term and feel that I am qualified to continue to serve.

Why should voters elect you? Local government should be small, efficient, effective and accountable. In my first term, I feel that the city government not only maintained but improved on those characteristics. Strong leadership has been a key aspect, and I feel that I have shown that throughout my first term.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities? Continued improvement of infrastructure. Maintaining the high level of safety services. Continued improvement of Meadowbrook at Clayton.

What specific plans do you have to address those top priorities? Clayton has many areas with aging infrastructure going back to when the city was a village and township before merging. Roads have been a priority over the past six years. We need to continue with these improvements and work with the state and county on securing funds. Crime statistics show Clayton being one of the safest cities in Montgomery County. Our police department has always operated with integrity and transparency. This improved recently with the addition of a state of the art body camera system for the department. I will continue to push the department to engage citizens with more community programs and working with Northmont schools. Meadowbrook at Clayton was donated to the city at the end of 2014. Before that, Clayton did not have a large space for community events. We are now able to host many events, including Labor Day weekend fireworks and other holiday events. It also is home to a century old former country club golf course as well as banquet and meeting spaces. As we improve the facility, it will become financially self-sustaining from rounds of golf played and other events using the spaces for rent.

Anything else? I have lived in Clayton and the Northmont community for almost my entire life and seen many changes throughout that time. Even with those changes, Clayton has maintained itself as a wonderful community for families to live and businesses to grow. I hope to continue to serve as a member of city council to keep the community on that path.

Greg Merkle

Education: B.S. in biology, Ohio State University; B.S. in environmental health, Wright State University

Current Employment: Wright State University, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Environmental Health and Safety Specialist

Community Involvement: City councilperson for city of Clayton, member/past chair of the First Suburb Consortium of Dayton, member/past treasurer for the First Baptist Church of Dayton

Why are you seeking elected office? I want to serve the community and see Clayton be prosperous. I care about how the city moves forward and remains a desirable place to live.

Why should voters elect you? I care about the community and want to see growth and stability. I believe in the city and want to see the city be a community where people want to live.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities? 1. Financial growth and stability to support city services and personnel. 2. Smart economic development to bring opportunities for jobs and diversity of potentials to support the city. 3. Improve city amenities, such as parks and access, pathways, bikeways that help bring the community areas together.

What specific plans do you have to address those top priorities? Myself and council should work with the city staff to develop smart projects to promote and grow the city. Encourage discussions on how development takes place.

Anything else? Serving on city council is a commitment of time and energy. Decisions that are made need to be made based on fact and best judgment.


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