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New Hanover County Parks getting new amenities including an adult ‘American Ninja


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — From a new obstacle course for adults to new playground equipment for children, New Hanover County Parks & Gardens is planning a number of improvement projects in the upcoming fiscal year.

New Hanover Pines Nature Park, formerly known as Battle Park, is scheduled to undergo construction during the upcoming fiscal year. (See design plans in slide show)

The park comprises 42.5 acres and is located on Carolina Beach Road, just south of Manassas Drive. The new amenities will include a nature-inspired playground, picnic shelter, restrooms, outdoor gym, dog park and walking trails.

Perhaps one of the county’s most visited locations, Long Leaf Park, will also be getting improvements this year including a new basketball court and a fitness obstacle course for adults similar to that of “American Ninja Warrior.” The existing tennis courts will also be resurfaced and new LED lighting installed.

Design teams have been selected to design new phases of Smith Creek Park and Northern Regional Park. An additional 87 acres of park space will be added to Smith Creek Park.

“This additional park space is expected to be passive in nature and may include elements such as a multi-use trail, interpretive signage, play area and more,” said New Hanover County Parks and Gardens Spokesperson Jodi Rich.

The expansion at Northern Regional Park is expected to include additional rectangular fields, restrooms and associated infrastructure.

Northern Regional Park in Castle Hayne is also getting a new multi-use path this year that will provide a safe off-road place for walkers throughout the park.

Veterans Park is getting a new playground. The park has been without a playground since 2020.

In addition to these improvements, the county is working to design and construct several multi-use trails along some of the county’s busiest roads including North College Road, South College Road, Market Street and Middle Sound Loop Road.

“These trails will provide off-road facilities for pedestrians and bicycles, and will offer opportunities for exercise and healthy living,” Rich said.

Click here for more information about New Hanover County Parks & Gardens.

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