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Indiana fall foliage can be seen at forests, parks


A road through the Hoosier National Forest is more colorful when the leaves are changing in the fall.

The hills of southern Indiana are changing colors to hues of yellow, orange or red. While hordes of people will crowd the streets of Nashville and other Brown County destinations, there are plenty of other sites for local folks to enjoy the autumn sights.

Marion Mason, a public affairs specialist with the Hoosier National Forest, said Indiana’s national forest covers more than 204,000 acres in nine counties. The Hoosier is mostly in the southern part of the state where it’s hillier, offering more scenic overlook.

Having seen weather that’s warmer and drier than average so far this fall could mean area leaf colors are less brilliant this year, but Mason believes the changing of the seasons is still worth viewing. Leaves change with cool nights and warm days. (Check out more about the science behind it at https://bit.ly/3b1EaXH.)


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